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Peace in the Antilles

The nations of Denmark-Norway, Sweden, France, and the Verenigde Provinciën have signed a formal agreement of peace in the Antilles. The treaty is as limited as possible, to not unduly limit the actions of our captains, yet at the same time protect the borders of each signatory nation.


The full treaty can be found here:

Ceasefire on the Eastern front

A limited and temporary ceasefire has been agreed upon with Sweden to accommodate the ongoing diplomatic talks between our nations. The ceasefire only affects the opportunity of each nation to bring conquest flags against the other. The ceasefire is in effect as of June 21st and until negotiations are concluded or broken off.


An identical ceasefire was proposed to the Verenigde Provinciën, but refused.

Dutch Treason

To all our captains, be hereby informed that our former Dutch allies have now betrayed us. Being allied and supposedly in good standing as recently as yesterday, they have now not only disavowed our alliance, but betrayed it and declared war on us. This is treachery of the very highest order and reveals the untrustworthy nature of the Dutch High Council. Attacking us when we are already surrounded and under attack shows their true colours are those of cowards. Their promise to uphold the alliance just two days past now reveals their word is worth absolutely nothing.


A Casus Belli with Sweden

This is a letter to all our captains informing that a state of war now exists with Sweden. Serious provocations have been put against us by Sweden in the last few days and they cannot go unanswered. Our response shall be swift and hard and with the goal to put the Swedish nation back to Gustavia and under a blockade.

An account of the events that led to this is offered bellow.

Early in the morning on the 7th of May uninvited pirates moved into Road Town as an offensive step in the war that has been ongoing between Sweden and Pirates.


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