A Casus Belli with Sweden

This is a letter to all our captains informing that a state of war now exists with Sweden. Serious provocations have been put against us by Sweden in the last few days and they cannot go unanswered. Our response shall be swift and hard and with the goal to put the Swedish nation back to Gustavia and under a blockade.

An account of the events that led to this is offered bellow.

Early in the morning on the 7th of May uninvited pirates moved into Road Town as an offensive step in the war that has been ongoing between Sweden and Pirates.

As a serious threat to danish traders and as a very highly valued resource port, our nation was very eager to take our port there back from the pirates. The Swedes were informed by a Danish representative of our intentions, that the pirates would be kicked out of the area, and told not to interfere. Accordingly as soon as the attack window opened, a Danish flag was bought for Road Town and a fleet assembled. Nevertheless Sweden also launched a flag. Furthermore, in breach of our longstanding non-aggression pact, they intercepted the Danish flag. By their own words:


The Danish nation considers it a serious act of aggression on the part of Sweden to interfere with our Port Battle, by their own admission intercepting a flag that was being planted, occupying a port that rightfully belong to Denmark, and adding to the grievous circumstances Sweden admits to have invited our enemy, the British, to operate in our waters against us. 

The next day Denmark-Norway went into negotiations with the Swedes about the return of Road Town, despite the previous day's provocations. Sweden refused to give Road Town back, instead offering it up as a bargaining chip. They were offered Marigot as a free port, but after our attempts to reach an accord were refused Denmark-Norway saw no other option than to reclaim Road Town by force. There we were met by defenders. Denmark-Norway considers the Swedish refusal to hand Road Town back as another provocation.

Sweden agreed that the reclamation of Road Town was not a breach on Denmark-Norway's part of the deal that Denmark-Norway and Sweden not take ports from each other, as seen here:


However, in the next instance Sweden admits no intention on their part of holding to the same treaty, professing their unilateral decision to capture Danish-Norwegian ports Marigot and Fort Baai. The latter port they attacked and captured the very same day without notice or warning being offered, and without speaking to a single Danish-Norwegian official. Again, Denmark-Norway considers this a serious provocation and yet another breach of our agreements.

The Danish-Norwegian nation and community is both shocked and disappointed by the behaviour of Sweden. The past week we have been working on improving our relationship with Sweden, by offering them Marigot as a sign of good will, an offer where only the signatures of both parties remained. These acts of backstabbing and blackmail therefore took us by surprise.


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What about the Dutch, what's the situation with them?

Sweden was helped among others by the Dutch when they took roadtown.

Anyway let's kick them all the way back to their capitol, only this time not to give them anything back again.

also can we expect help from the French?

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We are still allied with Dutch. We've asked them to help us against the swedish aggression by taking swedish ports on the west. It's all the help we need from them in this conflict.

France is going to join us in this war also, we hope they will take swedish ports at the south-east. And we wait for them to help us in our waters.