Dutch Treason

To all our captains, be hereby informed that our former Dutch allies have now betrayed us. Being allied and supposedly in good standing as recently as yesterday, they have now not only disavowed our alliance, but betrayed it and declared war on us. This is treachery of the very highest order and reveals the untrustworthy nature of the Dutch High Council. Attacking us when we are already surrounded and under attack shows their true colours are those of cowards. Their promise to uphold the alliance just two days past now reveals their word is worth absolutely nothing.


The cowardly treatchery of the Dutch Republic suggests they never intended to honour our alliance, speaking with cleft tongues for weeks and weeks, plotting and consorting with our enemies. It is not entirely surprising to the Danish Nation that the Dutch would betray us, having observed their actions

 for the past time, it is nevertheless a disgusting sight to see their blatant betrayal so sudden and unabashed. They have now joined the Swedish backstabbers, and their British allies who move in on our territory. Despite this unholy alliance against us, this Axis of Evil surrounding us on all sides, we will prevail, we will go on fighting. We will fight them in every port and on every beach. We will never surrender.


It is a sad state of affairs to see the words of these nations mean so little. In just a few days both the Swedes and the Dutch have backstabbed, betrayed and attacked us unprovoked, despite signed treaties between us prohibiting such actions. The Dutch peddle lies against us, claiming provocation. (http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13283-the-dutch-nation-verenigde-provinci%C3%ABn-pvp1/?p=255067) But their words are empty and without proof. They claim Denmark-Norway declared hostilities first, a ridiculous proposition. Both nations agreed that no action of rogue or unaffiliated clans against the other would affect our alliance, or be justification for the breaking of it, an agreement that Denmark-Norway has held to and not put it against The Dutch Council when Dutch clans repeatedly and with impunity disrupted our conquest and helped our enemies in Panama and Hispaniola both. The Dutch Council further claims the Swedes are in a defensive war with us, a claim that has been utterly repudiated by the Danish-Norwegian nation. (http://justisdepartementet.org/content/casus-belli-sweden)


Every Danish captain and every soldier or sailor employed by the Danish Crown is hereby called upon to defend our colonies against these treacherous and cowardly enemies.