Ongoing talks with the Dutch

We have ongoing diplomatic talks with the representatives of Verenigde Provincien. To accomodate those talks and show our good faith we ask that our players drop Dutch players as targets of PvP in the Ile-a-Vache PvP-area. After long talks going into the early mornings we have come to what we consider a friendly understanding with the Dutch diplomatic envoy about the continuation of our alliance. Hopefully ensuring a speedy recovery of our community's ability to strike at the British Colonial Empire, while providing the Dutch community with secure opportunity to continue their fun in pirate territory. Remaining is the approval of Danish leadership and the Dutch Council and hashing out the details. Unfortunately until a conclusion is arrived at we will have to halt our war with the british for a couple of days, but we believe we will be the stronger and more united for it when war arrives soon enough.


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Road town was apparently handed over to the pirate fraction with the intention of letting them have a platform for a war in the east against the Swedes....

After A LOT of frustration, a combined force of Danish players bought a flag (RDNN players didn't take part in this) with the intention of taking back roadtown from the pirates, since pirate players where capturing danish ships just outside CS.

Denmark-Norway flag for Roadtown was attacked by a huge Swedish fleet, helped by both dutch and Brit now we have the Swedish in the backyard - that's great for PVP closeby. However will they stop at Road town, or move on capturing more ports from Denmark-Norway?

I guess that means, that we now officially are at war with not only the Brits, but also the Dutch and Swedish now?


Anyway I think our Diplomats have some work to do now.

Reconsidering strategies:

My suggestion is to investigate what options Denmark-Norway have in terms of a bigger and stronger alliance, an alliance which are capable of counter the threat of the Brits.

The current one with the French, Pirates and "Spanish"are in my opinion not strong enough (Denmark-Norway) lack players hence we are not strong either.

French are loyal but weak, so we should look beyound our own waters and enter into realtime talk with a big fraction. The US fraction for instance, they are big.

Even the US may recognize that if the Brits become too big from their alliance with Dutch and Swedes, even the US will be in danger hence why an alliance with the only nation (Denmark-Norway) fighting the Brits would be in their best interest.

I trust the US currently are in some sort of an alliance with the Brits at the moment, so the Diplomats have to use all their negotiation skills....

However if we could win the US over to our side, we would have an easier time reducing both the Dutch and the Swedes to one port nations showing to them our grattiutde that they finally revealed to everyone that they are rats - especially the Dutch do I see as treators after they showed up with such a a large force in Danish-Norwegian waters together with the Brits - also since we had "peacetalks" going with the Dutch, and at the same time they planned to join the attack on Denmark-Norway. So the Dutch cannot be trusted!

Another option could be to enter peacetalks with the Brits - we have been at war with them for a long time now - and in my opinion have a stalemate situation. Peace with the Brits could free up ships for annialiting the Dutch and the Swedes, and securing home waters again so our vital tradeships againg can travel safe.

I thought I would share my point of view and provide suggestions. Alone we cannot do it or with this weak alliance we have at the moment.