Peace in the Antilles

The nations of Denmark-Norway, Sweden, France, and the Verenigde Provinciën have signed a formal agreement of peace in the Antilles. The treaty is as limited as possible, to not unduly limit the actions of our captains, yet at the same time protect the borders of each signatory nation.


The full treaty can be found here:


A summary of the effects of the treaty upon captains sailing for Danmark-Norge, is included for your information:

-No port battles or interference with flags are allowed between the 4 nations within Dutch, French, Swedish or Danish home waters, including the area from Samana to Barahona in southern Hispaniola.

-Only a minimum of restrictions have been placed upon PvP to ensure the continued activity of prosperity of our OW-PvP-community. Starting from now, do not attack traders without the smuggler flag, and do not jump into missions

-French waters are no-PvP-zones, so you should not attack or be attacked by French, Dutch or Swedish players while sailing in French waters, except ships carrying a smuggler flag.

- Other than this, PvP is free. This includes Swedish and Dutch home waters.

-French ports will be handed over to the France immediately, including Aves, Terre-de-Basse and Basse-Terre.

-Sweden is given, as a very generous gift, Marigot and Fort Baai from Denmark-Norway. Sweden will take possession of these ports on Monday 27th of June.

-While this treaty protects traders from attack, please be vigilant. We have other enemies hunting our traders, and not all players can be expected to respect the treaty. Do not assume you are safe if sailing a treaty.

-If the terms of the treaty are broken by any clan player, please bring this to my attention in-game or on the forum ( ). A screenshot showing the infraction must be provided.