TRN merger with VIE, RDNN formed

In order to bring the active players on the Danish faction closer, players from VIE and TRN have decided to form a new clan and merge. The aim and motivation is also to have a clan for people who plays Naval Action mainly for competitive PvP, and having one group makes it easier to stay competitive against other large clans on the server. That doesn't mean players can't engage in other activities (like crafting and PvE), but the main goal and activity will be to engage our player foes in port attack and defense duties and general PvP. The requirement for people who want to join our group, is that they have to be active on our teamspeak server aswell as join us in PvP during defense timers and when we go on the offensive capturing ports. 

All old members from both clans aswell as new players are welcome to join us in the fun! Read more about what we expect from new members and what you can expect when joining us.